I havent been posting! its been almost 2 months i just dont know what to say… hahaha!

actually, im almost scared to open my email because there are tons of posts their waiting to be read, im trying im trying

Med School got me i guess???

the reason i could post now because classes were cancelled due to the Typhoon..


Life of a Med Student…


Wake up

Take a bath


go to school

live in the coffee shop (i mean it, more than 12 hours a day sometimes)

feel bad about yourself (most of the time)

feel good about yourself (sometimes)

you’ll smell like a freakin cadaver (not good especially when you have Laboratory first before the lecture)

getting called doctor (which is great) but then again after that you are going to be asked tons of hard question so that great feeling will go away in just a split second.!

gravity is so much stronger in the morning… even stronger than when you were in college

you cant go out with your friends anymore

you can also say goodbye to dating

you miss out on family occasions

you’re room will resemble a freakin’ dump site

you’re not in the loop with music and movies anymore

you’re not watching college basketball live anymore

5 hours of sleep is a gift from Heavens

its been less than two months since you met your classmates but you feel like knowing them for years because you’ve seen them happy, bad mood, good mood, sad, stressed out, relaxed…. and vice versa

i mean you will get emotionally, mentally, physically, socially BEAT

you’ll curse yourself everyday for entering Med School

you’ll cry to your friend how you cant take it anymore 6 times a week

you’ll doubt if you can make it 100x a day




i mean, when you hold your exams even though the your other exams are failed, you get one pass and its like the feeling when you got your diploma or something…

when the doctor professor calls you doctor…

that feeling when you step into a mall 🙂

when the doctor professor agrees or compliments you…

and even when you know the answer to question number 1


here are some pictures of mine and my new friends


so forgive me for not posting anything… because actually, weird…. im so…. content

ill try posting as much as i can

if you got to this part thank you!! :))

Now im off to ummm.. Just here… studying… AGAIN 🙂

oh… and here’s how i look


and NOW


i mean, what’s up with that right? haha


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