Quick Post!

Hi! whats up? and whats down??

(haha! im sorry, I had to do that, I was texting with one of my closest friends when that particular words roamed the ummm.. what do you call that? ummm… lets just say texting satellites.. hahah!)


So, Im waiting for my friends now, because as the title says it… ITS OUR FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK 🙂

friday! gotta get down on friday…

partying partying


OKAY… haha!


could you please just let me babble on??

Oh, who cares! since im not able to post much these days, i Havent had much readers too! and that’s a bummer but no one’s to blame except me…

I should try to accustom my self to that too, because ummm.. this is the second to the last friday that Im not Officially in Med School, so… JUst, you know Go on with your life… ahaha! (that was way too self absorbed of me 🙂 sorry!)

Ive been trying to read the blogs im following but with the freakin busty ass internet service of PLDT, we dont have a new internet line yet… so… there’s just so much i can do…. :c but anyway, the same things have been happening to me these past few weeks… you know FRIENDS….. movies, books, and recently, PLL! (LOVE IT! i mean i dont understand this particular picture)

(i mean with pretty little liars, you just cant keep calm :p)


So,,, um not sure if im excited with Med School… But IM JUST TOO BORED RIGHT NOW! so, maybe its a good thing that im going out today 🙂

BUT IM Definitely nervous!!!! and a little worried about the expenses…


enough about me, what’s up with you guys?? 🙂

whats up with you guys?? :)) 


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