So, I havent posted last week…

Ive been super busy… Gosh, Imagine how much fewer i would be able to write when I start school.. :c

Actually, ive been dreading checking my email, haha… so many back posts and stuff, but anyway, im reading some of your blogs now… but to be fast im not liking or commenting, i just want to read.. :p

except when I love it so

like = ❤


so what have i been doing…


going to my cousin’s house in Cavite


going to Mall of Asia twice in 2 days


watching the conclusion of the impeachment trial of the now former chief justice Renato Corona

(im happy with the decision and all but im sad that some senators used the vote they gave (guilty or not guilty) to campaign for the coming elections, some discreetly, some SUPER obviously its annoying)


playing sims

and did i mention i was READING USING MY KINDLE??

I mean, i havent had any problems that caused permanent alarm

just one false alarm, i thought i broke it when i put too much documents in it, it hanged, but when i texted my retailer, he told me what to do, he’s so great, you must check him out and if your in the Philippines, why not buy some of his gadgets, good costumer service 🙂 I mean, i text him sometimes almost midnight and he’s not all grumpy and all passive aggressive when he replies like some other retailers 😛

actually, he just shipped my latest order, the cover case, book light and anti glare protector for my kindle… he’s so awesome I think he even process orders on a weekend

anyway, here’s his site..


so in conclusion, i just got to say I love my kindle, if i have time next week ill review it.. thanks for reading my pointless post.. HAHA!

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