Need Help :)

so.. im planning on buying an ereader… my choices are (photos are not mine)

Amazon Kindle Touch (Wifi)

(ive always wanted this one, but now im not sure)

Nook Ereader from Barnes & Noble

(just came across this one will shopping online…)

Sony’s eReader WiFi PRS-T1.

(because it will complete my circle of gadgets (well not circle.. more than a quarter circle only my phone, digicam, TV, videocam, headphones are all from sony, except my laptop which is dell)


so i need help in choosing between these 3 can you help me please?? im using it for medschool. i cant buy a tablet because that will just tempt me to play in class and you know me i tempt easily and i already have my netbook…. so please? any comments on these babies? or if you know a better ereader please let me know:p

THANK YOU for your help!


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