Med School

So, I already enrolled in Med School…

I’m so excited about that although the classes would start more than a month from now… Anyway, still excited, although i know days after that I’ll wish I had a different dream… OR NOT… I may think I’m too stressed to even open my eyes… haha! okay, that was quite exaggerated :p

the schedule is… i dont know what to say with my schedule… haha… its monday to saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM… im not accustomed to that, because on my old university you get a 2 day break of either monday and thursday, tuesday and friday, wednesday and saturday… so all in all you get a 3 day free day every week…

but i cant complain… i know it will be like this 🙂 the road to my dream is a rocky road… but mainly im worried ill be late for my classes… haha… im not a morning person so…. :p

I’ve been relishing my bum time very much, but sometimes when I’m not doing anything and my mood and attention span would not let me endure a book or a movie… Its just so boring, i dont know how other people do it… not doing anything i mean…

Right now though, thankfully, I’m reading the Game of Thrones which ive already read before but just reading… to pass time i know the story but ive not taken heart on it that’s why i dont talk about it… now… that’s what im doing because two of my friends suggested it, told them i read it and it was good but i didnt tell them i didnt pay much attention to it.. hehe… anyway, its a good piece of work… when i reread it… i went faster the first time, an indication that im liking what i read. 🙂

my favorite character is Bran, Jon, Danerys and Arya and the direwolves…

anyway, im also reading some med books right now when im not reading the game of thrones… its cool, its the medical terminology book so there’s exercises and stuff, so i would know medical terms… i already read it and finished the exercises but i erased them and right now im answering it again…

and when the episodes are up, i download and watch How I met your mother, grey’s anatomy and new girl… but they’re all going to end soon… so im worried about that like ive worried about pretty little liars’ end.. :p not because of what would happen to the story and al but because i would not have anything to watch for a month or so…

so, i decided to download 3 complete series.. 🙂 friends (which is like the most awesome sitcom ever) dexter, and the suite life of zack and cody (my childhood favorite)

also been watching sims videos from

he’s an awesome sims player and he’s like an architect… and when he shows you the houses he built, there’s a voice over so you dont get bored… and his voice overs are funny… haha.. so nerdy but quite cool (im a nerd. haha)

and i always go out now with my friends so they wont recent my being MIA for 5 months and the 5 months after that… anyway, you know i played lazer tag, and archery and went to some provinces, still plan to…

So anyway, that’s what i do with my time… not that you’re interested :p


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