Band Feature: Red Sun Down :)

Been busy for enrollment to med school… so i dont have a lot of very good posts these past few days… i’m sorry

so.. here’s my new feature which is a little bit different from my previous features…

i took a long time to post this because this band had an accident.

The band was formed first quarter of 2011. It started out as a four piece Metalcore band from Makati, they called themselves as “Aidia”. Later changed it to “Across The Skyline”. Members came from different bands, and started covering songs from different Metalcore bands. After some months, their vocalist and bassist left the band and decided to pursue other band projects.

Guitarist Den, and drummer Nikki continued the band and searched for other band members. Den found Vash’s (former bassist of With Empty Eyes) post on a website ( looking for a band to join (as a vocalist), while Nikki asked help from his previous bandmate from “Undersiege”, bassist Mak to join the band. After some gigs, second guitarist and a good friend of Vash in the name of Kim (from RCFK), was recruited.

After the band’s line-up was completed, they called it RED SUN DOWN. They have a new drummer in the name of Joseph Manabat (former bandmate of Vash and a long-time friend).

Christopher ‘Vash’ Panaga – Vocals
Dennis ‘Den’ Litao – Guitars
Kim Quierrez – Guitars
Alexis ‘Mak’ Yuzon – Bass/Vocals
Joseph Manabat – Drums

Former Member:
Nikki Tabios – Drums

Contact Info
Booking Agent +63916-4406831 / +63948-9602295

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