So… I forgot to post about my last weekend 🙂 so here it is…

Its been too long since I went out with my high school friends and I think this is a perfect way to spend time with them…

My sissy’s birthday celebration 🙂

I mean these people, they bring out the kid in me 🙂

Bus ride to centris.. 🙂

we like playing with the walkalator…. i mean seriously hahah

in the orientation room where we really didnt listen to the orientation at all :p we just talked and talked and talked

and also made fun of the glowing white clothes we have :p

before the game 🙂

during the game the kids was so funny i think i heard they we around 7-10 they run by platoons hahaha… i mean 5 of them with their lazer guns pointing on the floor… we just shot and shot and shot them one by one… but one time my friend and I was cornered … and they were shouting while trying to shoot us… it was a bit funny and scary hahahah…

also one kid shot me and was shouting DIE! it was hilarious I just couldnt shoot him back… hahah

the scores… alex was number one :)) Im argus by the way im 12th AKA i sucked and im exactly in the middle of the pack with 23 players :p … hahaha…

these pictures are after the game, we couldnt get a picture inside… we were so excited killing e mean playing with the kids.. hahah

inside the arena… i was cut :c

then we tried jump shots in the park 🙂

(trial stage where we got so tired because we cant get it right)



then we went to trinoma and had coffee… they watched avengers then ate at lamesa grill (my favorite restobar) because i will be watching it thursday (last thursday) (AWESOME)… and I had to get my phone reformatted because it hangs after i got it repaired…

That sucked actually it was so long that we got home almost the same time…


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