One of those days where…

Im irritated with everything…

I mean… so I got up early and already, received the worst news ever…

then…my aunt and i went out for dinner i rode the bus and the freakin’ “protesters” just vandalized the road island with things they dont like about the government… WHY DONT YOU FREAKIN START WITH YOURSELVES AND NOT VANDALIZED, FUCKING FOOLS!

I mean really? you want more budget in whatever freakin sector you support? havent you thought about how much the paint costs which wouldve been MAYBE for allotted for you if they wouldnt have to repaint that freakin Β island for the nth time… FOOLS!

the 2 things i liked about today was the ART in the walls of EDSA… WHICH I HOPE YOU PEOPLE WOULDNT VANDALIZED so the government can see… and the dinner my aunt and I ate… it was yummy from BArrio Fiesta in Ortigas…

Seriously, the mobs are just getting out of hand…. I mean, the government is not perfect HELL the government sucks… BUT YOU ARE JUST MAKING EVERYTHING SUCK MORE

i mean… seriously, you tell the government to give budget to sectors… I ALSO HEARD when i was younger ANY sector… and now they actually look like they’re making an effort… you’re just making more effort to rally and rally and rally… seriously… One time, we asked one of the mob what they were rallying about, the kid doesnt know! he just knows the chants and stuff… he carries a banner for a free meal… I MEAN COME ON! arent you better off finding a JOB or something?! and dont tell me there isnt none, because THERE ARE LOTS! if you really want to earn having minimum wage will be fine for you BUT NO… you would want to make people with jobs late at their jobs or at home or at school while you rally there in heat…

I KNOW sometimes, rallying is the way… BUT NOT ALWAYS!

you want change? start with yourself…


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