1. Never knew someone who doesn’t like harry potter… its either, they haven’t read it or they love it…. its like you don’t have a choice..
2. I’m thinking HIMYM’s story, is like definitely maybe (the movie ) where the guy (I think the guy is green lantern, how could I forget his name, I love him) tells the story of how he met and fell in love with the kid’s (abigail breslin) (fromm my sister’s keeper) mother… but they’re already divorced, so green freakin lantern ended up with the right girl… maybe the right girl would be robin or zoey or I forgot her name the one with the bakery…I think its victoria?? I dunno… but also, I’m kind of rooting for barney and robin 🙂
3.in pretty little liars… iwant one of the girls to be A in the end… because she got crazy of all the A blackmails she decided to do it herself.. would be an awesome ending…
4.I know patrick dempsey is going to. Leave grey’s anatomy… but… I don’t want to.. I mean come on! One more season please??
5.I want a harry potter prequel and sequel :p


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