Cavite bound

tomorrow that is 🙂

after I jog with a friend of mine, who wants to jog super early in the morning (5am) who jogs that early? seriously?

im gonna visit my little cousins 🙂

and have dinner with a few friends

(yes im choosing this picture :)) :p

and hopefully


and my cousin (hopefully too)


im there ’til sunday morning or saturday…

because sunday is lazer tag day AKA mina’s birthday bash or bang or bzzzp!


and after that…(AKA i dont know exactly what day but i think its gonna be monday, it was gonna be sunday but i was already listed in the lazer tag thingy… so because im super bad ass and special <im assuming :)> they plan to move it) swimming with our family friends from tondo, manila

and after that (AKA wednesday) the avengers 🙂 with a friend :))

and after that St. Jude with Imee

also… im hoping to find something new to write about in cavite.. hope i get the inspiration :))


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