Whats the worst thing about a broken phone?

That’s its broken, actually… BUT!

when you freakin use your old phone and click on the screen like an idiot when its not a touch screen … and you just cant help but face palm yourself … or bump your head on your table…

or when you like to read a wordpress blog… on your phone because its easier… and you realize you cant…

or when you say to yourself… oh, im so gonna twee…. FUUUUUUUU!

and your old phone is like

*photos are not mine….

okay, you might think of me right now as the most shallow person on wordpress… but… im feeling most sad about the fact that, my dad gave that to me as a graduation present… and… its… its just sad… like… all those things i said above, its like the misc stuff… that phone and i had been thru a lot…

(that sounded so…)

but what im trying to say is im like this person who people tells a lot of stuff about themselves to… but dont tell people a lot about myself… its a thing… im not really trying to get that trait away from me… i just like dealing things by myself…

which (back to the phone) includes reading a lot of ebooks and news and studies in the internet… with my phone… and listening to loud music… on my phone…

its not my friends, its me… im like that girl who’s really an extrovert but also an introvert… (ambivert??) anyway, that’s it… my phone is like my best gadget when i want and need to be alone… its like my ”go away, i want space weapon”

ANYWAY, im going to bring it to Sony Ericsson for repairs, I hope i can get it soon…

wow. i cant believe i just made a post about my broken phone… eeew!

now im pretty sure you dont want to email me (kriziacasil@gmail.com) or follow me on twitter (@kahyehm) anymore… I just blew it!

So, I think the worst thing about a broken phone is you get these really annoying boredom and you post annoying boring random stuff on wordpress… and your followers will think you’re alone forever… which now you probably are because you posted this… and they think you’re a total loser. :p


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