30 before 30

I’ve been seeing a lot of 30 before 30 blogs here… so… might as well do mine… i mean im 20 so it suits right?

here we go…

1. Krizia Marrie Casil M.D.

2. Business

(even a small one, because you know I’ll be busy with being a doctor :))

3. My own House

(not a super big one, that’s for 40, because i’d be stuck in the hospital anyways)

4. Car

(something like this.. :))

5. travel to Paris

6. 1000 books

(right now i think i read about 300-400? not sure)

7. have twins

(2 birds in one stone? JK… i want twins because they are so cute, and they can literally grow up together… :))

8. buy a land in tingloy, batangas

(where my mom grew up, and where i spent most of my childhood vacations)

9. have a million views in wordpress :))

10. watch 1000 movies

(i think im close :)) i love movies :))

11. go to wizarding world of harry potter

(coz im a die hard)

12. have enough money to have scholars :))

13. pay for my parents’ travel around the world…

 14. eat at a 1000 restaurants 🙂

15. be a sponsor of at least one charity

(preferably, about kids, or people who are sick, or even something for the environment)

16. not dead yet 🙂 or not even close

17. be healthy

18.  hear a million songs

19. one phone for 2 years

(because my phone always gets broken near or (recently) exactly after a year of receiving it)

20. write a book…

(wishful thinking)

21. dont get sued for anything

(when I become a doctor)

travel to 10 beautiful places (i know i put france (paris) and wizarding world of harry potter already, but… that’s my favorite place I havent been in yet… so i chose not to include that in this list where i will write only 8…)

22. Greece

(cause mythology fascinates me and because of santorini)

23. Egypt

(pyramids of course)

24. Taj Mahal

25. tokyo

26. the great wall

27. buckingham palace

28. jerusalem

29. new york

30. I’m a good person and I feel good about myself

(all photos are not mine 🙂 thanks for all those who own these)

email me: kriziacasil@gmail.com

follow me: @kahyehm


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