Hi again


still has no time to post my family reunion story, the wait is totally not worth it now.. hehe… anyway, ill try it next week…

Ive been surprisingly busy even though its summer, my aunts family together with my grandmother is moving to Cavite.. which is a bit sad and super annoying because some of the stuff they have will be put in our house, right now, there’s a lot of cleaning, which is super exhausting…. In addition, i had to endure the “my phone is broken syndrome” I mean, I love my phone so much I never want to change it… I cant remember a time longer than before my phone is broken that i didnt search for a latest phone model… My cousin accidentally got it wet, immediately it didnt work then i turned it off then i reformatted it, which work for like 15 hours then I was not able to use it altogether now which also means ย cant read blogs on my phone which is a lot friendly for my eyes… :c (insert strong language in between words)

Plus, I went to the mall to give my other aunt the table cloth for Barrio Fiesta’s catering tomorrow which she left at our house last week (exhaustion x3) but I was also able to get my phone checked out and they told me I need to pay P2500+ for the repairs which is some $60 which i dont have right now because of Pangasinan and Baguio :c

OH! wait… That was a long introduction for what im pretty sure is a short body…

My story for today has only happened not 2 hrs before now…

So, I told you I went to the mall… Gave my aunt her freakin’ table cloth, we ate at KFC (you dont mess with the colonel’s recipe – Barney Stinson [i just had to do that]) then I had my phone checked out, I bought marshmallows (for my little cousins whose staying over until they finish moving [were having a star wars marathon, or better yet Im having a marathon while they fall asleep 20 mins into the first movie) and yogurt (for myself)

after that, I rode the bus… I was standing and there was this kid, who naturally I smiled to… then she smiled at me… actually she smiled at me a lot im starting to think my make up is off or that i looked like a clown so I checked myself out in the glass of the bus (dr. seuss would be proud)… then the freakin’ driver breaked and I almost fell but i caught myself in one of the chairs then the kid touched my hand and I looked at her and smiled again, she smiled and moved her body and pointed to her mommy’s other leg, like she was saying I could sit there… it was the cutest act of kindness I ever saw.. ๐Ÿ˜€ then I just smiled, so she kept touching me that her mom and their companion realized what she was doing and we were laughing… Then she played with my watch and even though there was available seats I just stood there beside her and played with her because she was just that cute… I would take a picture but (insert my cellphone is broken depression voice) my phone is broke

I guess, its true what they say that kids are the best thing ever… they are kind, sweet and cute ๐Ÿ™‚


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