Even though you dont feel it, im reall excited about posting the reunion pictures and baguio road trip, but right now, im just loving the feel of my bed… To tell you the truth I’m typing right now.. On my phone, with its mini qwerty buttons… (which I like better than on my laptop) I’m really big on small things 🙂

So, what I want to talk about right now is an interesting idea of mine (or at least interesting for me)
Its what I plan to research on when I have the money…
I want to put it out there because I dont have the resources for that, so if someone will read it and interested enough to pursue it, I would love to help or even to just read the results would be fine…
The theory of this research is…
How true that the lifestyle people live in the provinces make them have a longer lifespan than thhose living in the city…
I have thought about it with my cousin when I was in our family reunion… I mean, one of my grandmothers was 91 (still living in the province) and she was the one helping my other grandmother who was I think in her late 70s to early 80s (lived in Manila for a long time then went to hawaii 2 years ago only to come back here after she had a stroke) to move around (like go down the stairs, go to tthe bathroom) I mean?? What did she do with her life that she still have this power right? I mean I’m 20 and I’m bedridden after 6 days of roadtrips and a reunion, what kind of pain will I feel when I do something like this when I become 40??

I know we all say its the air, its the food, its the lifestyle, they even said on TV its the not taking about too much kind of thing… But I want a study on this… You know something more concrete, proven and detailed…

(hmmm now that I think about it, im silly enough not to search for such studies before posting this, but im going to, tomorrow… When I dont need my bed every 3 hours so that I could refresh)

Anyway, what are your theories aside from these ones I told you about their lifestyle?

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