Part 1 of Lorenzo Miguel D. Fontanilla’s photos :)

hey! I write to you right now in a very sleepy mood of someone packing 🙂

to tell you that I’m going to Pangasinan (for the holy week reunion) so I’m probably not going to get a chance to post until Sunday… (not sure if they have internet connection there)

Beach at Pangasinan, Philippines

photo from:

But! I wont leave you without the satisfaction of another set of photos 🙂

So, this guy, he’s… anyway, I dont want to say he’s awesome because he might go “I’m awesome” on him like I’ve been doing in our 3 years of “friendship” if you can call it that… 😛 haha

Anyway, there’s no album name… Lets just call it

No Face

(why? I dont know, it just came in my mind)


there’s only 3 because he’s reluctant about the other ones of his shots but I think I love them 🙂

Anyway, Next post will be about my stay in Pangasinan and the (im very sure) brutal road trip ahead of me. 🙂

Take care!

Pray, its the Holy Week!


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