Hi! Hey! Hello!

So, I havent had the chance to write or feature anything yesterday… I was really busy… Sleeping 🙂

do you know that there are 5 stages of sleep??

First is the beginning part, where you sleep really light. its like the period between being awake and being asleep

the second one last like 20-25 mins (as far as i could remember) where the brain shoots up wave activity called (ummm… i forgot…) sleep spindles (thanks about.com)  also the body becomes a little bit cooler than when you’re awake and heart begins to slow down.

Next, is the super deep sleep phase, where according to about.com is where Bedwetting and sleepwalking occurs (i didnt know that, interesting)

the last is my favorite part, the REM sleep, where we dream… our brain becomes really active but our body becomes somewhat paralyzed (except when you’re like falling in your dream, I guess)

And today I dyed my brother and I’s hair… Then cleaned the house which is a really bad decision because as soon as I hauled all the stuff in the middle of my room so I can sort what to throw/clean/hide or whatever my mens started… which sucked… because I had to push through the cramps.

do you know menstruation is the shedding of the blood that is accumulated in the endometrium (lining of the uterus) when the mestrual hormone (estrogen???? I cant remember, but im pretty sure its estrogen.) goes down… making the blood flow out?

The whole menstrual cycle last for a more or less than a month (depending on the person) so its super important that you know how long your mens cycle is… So, you know if you’re delayed or whatever like you dont want or want to have a baby.

quotes came from knowledge except the ones from about.com

Anyway, thanks for reading this, I’ll try to write tomorrow but no promises (2nd day of mens is so brutal for me, I probably wont be able to function)

Okay back to watching daVinci and the Code he Lived By, try watching it, its about well guess who? so far its okay, I learned that daVinci is an illegitimate child, and when his teacher saw the angel which he painted in his teacher’s painting of the baptism of Jesus, he never painted again because daVinci was so good. Also, the leading family in Florence then was Medici (I almost wrote Menarche, maybe because i was writing about menstruation above :p)

PS: congratulations Slater (big winner for PBB) Love him!

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