Hello 192 unread wordpress emails :)

so, I’ve been busy today so I wasn’t able to post about the band i was going to feature today… (sorry about that) but I’m going to post 2 things features tomorrow (AKA 1hr 48 mins from now <or later>) + the band I was going to post had an accident, I just heard from a friend, the one i always go to the church with) they got stabbed and everything, its sad, I’m not even sure if its super serious or what… I hope you find time to pray for them? Thanks. So I think I should talk to them before posting anything…

Anyway, what I’m going to write now was inspired by a blogger I follow mikereverb follow him, he’s got nice posts 🙂

Its going to be about an experience I had as a child, I’m not sure if you’re going to like this or what but I think its the sweetest but some of the parts are a little blurry so forgive my writing… 🙂

Here it goes…

My fondest memories as a child are always those that happened in Batangas… I was super young, and I don’t really remember much there are just 2 memories that really stood out. I’m going to tell you the one I don’t remember better, (the next one will be in a few days) <I’m going in circles>

So anyway, my cousins (I don’t even remember which) my brother and I were playing a game, it was something to do with boys and girls having territories so, the boys can’t play on our territory, theirs was in the gate beside my grandparent’s bakery and ours was outside our house, I remember thinking our territory was the better one (but now, I really think its just the same size) so I remember dissing my brother that their slums and our territory was like a palace. So, we had a fight (no details) the next thing I remember is someone teasing me about the same thing I think, mind you my brother and I were fighting, we always fight (that I know for sure) but when he saw that I was being teased he fought the boy who was teasing me… again no details, but what stood out was this, my brother, though we fight is the best anyone could ever had… that day, he fought for me. that’s it, and I think we’ll both agree that, that is enough for anyone…

I also remember a cousin of mine telling me that I’m lucky I have a brother like him.

When I was younger I was not sure about that, but now… I know he’s the best.(just don’t tell him that :P)

hehe… hope you like that though its not as vivid as I would’ve wanted to write.

Now, I’ll read the 192 blogs I missed… 🙂

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PS. If ever you want to be featured for anything, just email me. xo


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