Jesus saved us because his daddy told him to.

Which is true.
He was so scared but the father and son (which is basically, one entity only) so, they pushed through their plans. The son died, the son’s followers established a church until the comes that the son comes back again.
I’m thinking Jesus is still healing from the wounds he got when he was crucified, and every act of goodness heals it… And every act of evil makes a fresh stab…
It just occured to me that maybe that is whats happening… Because maybe he wants all people to come to heaven so he is waitting till we are all good. And if so, its gonna be a long time before he comes back. Which is, I dont know how to feel about that, because if there is a Heaven, ii dont know what its like there, and I’m enjoying earth too much. I mean, human beings are not even nearly done yet with earth, with the universe, yes, we explored all land already, but, we havent see all that is underwater, and all that is beyond the skies, I think when that happens, which I think will be in unison with the wounds of Jesus healing, then the gates of Heaven will be open, and those who suffered in hell, God will forgive them even Satan then everything, everywhere will be good. There will be no Hell anymore only ‘That’
What do you think?

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