Currently watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

straight to the points 🙂

point1. so, tumblr has some user agreement  they wanted all of us to say yes too, as you may have guessed, i checked i agree, but it looks a bit scary copyright stuff :p so… i just decided not to post anything on tumblr until i read that… (yeah…) so, that will be a really really really really really x100 long time… i might reblog and like, but no posts from me… So, if your planning to follow me or something, nothing good will come of that. hehe.. (had to put the ”hehe” that really looked serious on the last part.)

point 2. My week. My week has been nice… monday and tuesday was my finals… I think I did okay, I’m going to worry about that til i have to. Although I’ve been getting pretty worried about not being accepted in my choice of school, trying not to think about it, but… No success with that, been checking out the school site every time I get bothered. Also, tuesday was the first time i featured someone’s photos on my blog, which has pretty much been awesome 🙂 had so much views since then, (our mirror just broke, that really bothers me right now) so anyway… had so much views, the photos were really good, I love them! (and badgering my friends to view my blog helped too, i think) … Thursday, I went to mass with a friend of mine and her sisters… They’re awesome, they treated me for dinner and coffee (tea, on my part) <thanks! ate joy and ate grace :)>

Check out my featured photographers 🙂

Rhesa Rendon

Rene Nob

EJ Bagtas

Cez Coronado

Charmaine Pastrana

So, friday and today… i just sat in front of my laptop and watched movies… (its nice to be not stressed for a change)

Point 3. We have a weird weather here in the Philippines, its super hot (because its summer) but its been raining all day, and so much thunder! bothersome

Point 4. ive been telling people to dm me for a follow back on my twitter account. that’s dumb btw, just realized, you cant dm me if im not following you (sorry for that :)).. anyway, just mention me or something, but if i know right away that you’re a blogger i follow, id immediately follow you back (or if you look really interesting, or if you’re my friend) 🙂

Email me??

Follow me on twitter?? @kahyehm

(too bad i liked the succession of my contacts when i had tumblr)


if you want to be featured for anything, just email me, or tweet me



PS #2

(hey, im gonna write about harry potter now)

i just finished watching it (finished 30 something mins. ago, and totally forgot about going back here) <a blunder>

sorry sociallyfitblog (amazing blog follow her)

so, let me tell you about Harry Potter now…

I love both the movies, and the book… actually, i think the harry potter series is what made me a bookworm 🙂 that’s how I was influenced by the series and because of that, I always reread and reread and reread it.. 🙂 I think no amount of praises and blog I write about HP will describe how much I love it… I probably read it for 10x now, i think every time i finish a series, i always go back… every time im bored i let JK rowling entertain me…

when i was in HS i only borrowed the books from my friend JAM2 (which is gonna be featured as a photographer on the 27th, she’s a advertising/fine arts whatever i dont know her course, but its got something to do with both) she always lends me books actually, tells me about them and practically shove it in my face (yes, Jam, im gonna make stories about you, make your own blog) and make me eat the pages… anyway, her collection are so great i return them fast, so i could borrow another… (thanks :))

Back to HP, the book is like the most complete book you could ever have… its got adventure, magic, love, non-sparkly vampires, werewolves that’s made werewolves the old school way, beautiful girls that doesn’t practically commit suicide when their BF chooses the right path, ghosts, politics, murder and so much more…

you’ll learn a lot of thing reading this… I mean, it gave tons of people their childhood…

The movies, are i’d say as good as the books in a different way, they really maximized the minutes and what they added/omitted was put in the scenes great… and the great detail, special effects, lines, music… i mean, everything just seems right with this series…

(I’m gonna stop writing now, I remember I should be posting Michell Almacen’s bacteria experiment photos :))




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