Part 1 of Cezlyn Coronado’s shots

hi, sorry not been posting about what i promised to post before, can i compensate with these awesome photos im gonna show you (posts like before tomorrow :))

Photos by: Cezlyn Coronado (a friend of mine, we both own a holga, although i dont own the talent that she has for taking pictures)



taken using holga using 35mm film 🙂

no, i think this was not shot using a holga, still awesome though…

Location: Ecopark

the last ones are from her Zam Nature album which i assume means zamboanga or some nature… anyway… its all from the philippines, that im sure of 🙂


i think most of these was shot by a digicam… (i think…. let me confirm that with cez) if so, isnt she like the greatest digicam photographer we know?? :))) 

more cool photos from cez coronado?

just wait…………………………. 🙂


thanks for viewing!!

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PS if you want to be featured or something, just email me.. thanks! 


 ❤ – km


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