Part 1 of EJ Bagtas Photography

Day 3 of my (hopefully) week-long posting of my photographer friends :))

(i was planning to post it later in the afternoon, but something tells me I’d be busy later today… sleeping then going to mass <ST. JUDE>

speaking of going to mass… let’s have a look at my friend’s boyfriend’s shots (got that?)

He’s got his own studio (EJBagtas Photography) yeah. look at me featuring a professional photographer :p

if you google him, (which i did just now) the first entry is Nice photos, so… yeah, that sums up his photos times awesome :)) (anyway, if you want to copy his photos and post it somewhere, ask his permission first, please? thanks!)


EJ Bagtas

twitter: @iamemilb



Album Title: Bicol

Location: Legazpi, Albay


Enhancing photos is different from manipulating photos.


yes guys, i know he’s awesome :))

thanks for checking this out :))


email me??

follow me??

on twitter?? @kahyehm


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