Part 1 of Rhesa Rendon’s shots :)

so, here is what i was talking about on my last last last post (well, on a previous) post..


She's the photographer :p rhesa yap rendon by name šŸ™‚
if you love her face, you'll love her shots more :

She’s not one of the two photographers i talked to you about but, I talked to her earlier and she said yes… soooo… here’s part 1 of her shots…

Major Depressive Episode

under Mood Disorder
In this album: Roger (the teddy bear)

Feeling Hopeless



Detachment from others

Drug Abuse

Seeking for attention/love

Loss of Interest

Suicidal Ideation

Some may result to Death

Im sure you’ll agree with me in saying that this should be a campaign for depression/suicide or something…

So why you ask is her photos like this?

is she depressed or something?

the answer is no…

she has a boyfriend (or may she has a husband… i dont know! LOL! I’m sure though, she’s in love)

She’s happy (or is she??? :P)

and her photos’ are like this because

She graduated BS Psychology at Far Eastern University (my batchmate :))

More photos from her??

PM me (or her) for her contact number :))

(to rhesa, sana naman nabigyan ko ng justice ang napakaharot mong pictures :))

And although these awesome pics is not mine would you…

Email me??

Follow me??

On twitter?? @kahyehm


xo – km


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