Isnt that nice?

Actually, as im starting to write this blog, i have no idea what im going to say… But i have this thing that as I’m writing I start to realize what I am writing about, maybe its the attention span thing? Maybe not…

Anyway, I have a question to ask you…
This question I became curious about because of two books I have read… One is fiction (sherlock holmes, the complete novel and shot stories, the hound of baskerville, sir arthur conan doyle) and the other one a true story (the bridge across forever, by richard bach)… If you have read both books, you might have already realized what my question is. Anyway, here it is:
Is spirit travelling a real thing? Can we really do it?

The reason that I am asking is because it struck me as odd when first I read it in a true story… And more like a little disappointed when I read it in holmes, in which all his hypothesis are mostly scientific, its weird that they included spirit travelling.

So thats it, can you answer that?

My main topic I want to talk about is… How I stared for two minutes thinking about what I should write about… Weird right? Yes.

So, what do I think about that? I guess when we realize we have an act for something, the first time we try to do it by will we kind of have a lag… To think that that’s happening to me now, i’m telling myself that ”krizia, havent you learned enough?” im telling myself this because this have happened to me a lot. Like, I volunteered myself for something I know I could do (and I could do great) but when im there, im like a shivering pile of nonsense. Do you get what I’m saying? I dont know if this happens to anybody else, but it happens to me a lot.

btw. Just finished fitMarch twice, a little sore but pumped Hey-Oh and because of that I have an inappropriate song for in my head right now, although I’m pretty sure, its not how my day is going to be (bang bang bangity bang, I said bang bang bang ba-bang! ) but im pretty sure my day is going to be just a drum roll of my heart of having to know or not to know the answers to my exam…

Anyway, for someone that doesnt have anything to write in the beginning isnt this a long post? Actually, this is a long post perse… Haha! Thanks for reading my thoughts to the end!

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4 thoughts on “Isnt that nice?

  1. johnedoe says:

    My main topic I want to talk about is… How I stared for two minutes thinking about what I should write about… Weird right? Yes

    is the part that we are asked if is weird or not???


  2. johnedoe says:

    yup,….isee how you are now young lady!!!!!,…lol!!!!,….read it again!!!!! lol,…..aren’t you bossy???????!!!!!,……actually,….you make me laugh!!!!!!,… for the “bach” book being a “true????” story,……you might want to read “that one again!!!!”…….hah hah,…how’d you LIKE THAT YOUNG LADY!!!!!?


  3. johnedoe says:

    BY THE WAY,…..ABOUT THE SPIRIT TRAVELING THING?????,….WHEN DO YOU PLAN ON DOING THIS??????.,…….not on the freeway in your car, i hope!!!!!!,………i mean,….who’d be driving then??????,……and where would your spirit travel to?????,…..not a justin beiber concert, i hope!!!!!!!


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