…did you read my past post??
The vampires would love to kiss my lips (i hope I didnt get my own blog title wrong :p) is it awesome or disappointing??

Just finished studying for tonight! Finals tomorrow, then on tuesday (i was always saying tuesday, I didnt realize I have an exam tomorrow til I see the my calendar)

Points time 🙂

Point 1. (for PLL fans) A day tomorrow!!
So much excitement! Who do think A is?? I have 3 suspects…
Ezra. Because A super likes english novels/poems whatever. And he seems to someone you wouldnt think to be a villain, which seems to be the case in this kind of genre… Most of the time
Mona. She’s too obvious! + she’s the first A in the books…
Ali/courtney (one of the twins). If all else fails…

Point 2. (for those who like the pics I post) this week (or the next im going to post photographs from people I know who takes awesome pics… I already got 2 people who said yes to this… my dad (he’s been a photographer/videographer for 25 years now… He’s like my idol! Wish I had his talent or even a little bit of his awesomeness :p) and a friend of mine (we started with holga lomo cam around the same time tthough she’s wayyyyy better that I am)

Point 3 (for you!)
Thanks for reading this… 🙂
Email me??
Follow me??
On twitter?? @kahyehm


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