Once again… I am a late riser…

Or not… Reall, I planned to wake up at 3 pm so 1:30pm is technically early right? Lol!

Anyway, before I study (coz im so big on study saturdays… And I have an exam on tuesday…) I will just take this opportunity to post a blog then read the 14 blogs that was posted when I was sleeping 🙂 (yey! 9 hours of sleep!)

So… My first point is… A.K.A.

Point 1. I have nothing against justin bieber (how do you spell his last name? Is that right?) but sometimes (I’m pretty sure I’m going to regret what I’ll say next so I’m going to get my thesaurus first for a nicer word to describe them) persistent. Ever since I made my twitter public, and posted my surprise about having a justin bieber song in my laptop… They were mentioning me for things I dont want… Aka… Get followed by justin bieber… No kids, im not a belieber or whatever you call your cult… But im pretty sure if you check my twitter more… You’d hate me because I just retweeted @y_u_no saying things about bieber… Okay here’s the thing… When bieber was younger, I really don’t like him… Then he hooked up with selena, (which I kind of like) so she became the gf of justin bieber not ”selena gomez”… But right now, he’s look and all… His songs… Its fine for me now…. But his fans… Yes, super persistent…

Have you ever seen that one in 9gag when one of his fans said the QUEEN copied justin bieber’s album? Really? Are you (insert nice word here to replace the mean word im thinking of right now)… Because im a big fan of queen im sorry but he’s a legend…

Point 2. Gosh! Being a fan of PLL, I cant wait to see who A is… Its coming monday ”monday is a day” but im pretty sure its gonna be tuesday here in philippines when it goes on air… Gosh! I just cant freakin wait…

My guess is either ezra, mona, or if there’s still the twins plot… Its ali’s twin…

If you read the book, A is so much meaner there but, in the series A is I think much more mysterious because in the book, sara shepard didnt give a, like what do you call this… A point of view??

Anyway, super excited

Who do you think A is?
And while you’re at it…
Who do you think ted’s wife is? (i bet its barney’s half sister)
And while you’re at it… (almost commited the blunder of your and you’re here)
Who do you think barney’s wife will be? (i actually have no idea if its gonna be robin or whatever, im just happy barney is going to settle down, he’s just so great when he is inlove!)

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Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


10 thoughts on “Once again… I am a late riser…

  1. johnedoe says:

    okay,…i gotta tell you this,….out of nowhere you began talkin bout ted and barney this and that??? right???,…….i have absolutely no idea who ted and barney even are!!!!!!!,….lol,…..you gotta give us a bit more of the story to work with here young lady!!!!!,….lol,……toksoon!!!!


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