break and dinner time :D

check out my lunch and break time food :p

okay… sooooo because my brain has already dried up and needs more electricity to pump its amazing memory… I’m just gonna refresh it with my dinner time post (or lunch.. or any other time… depending on what time is it there)

this is my super late lunch (3pm)


oatmeal with cocoa and milk


its quaker oats if you’re wondering…


this one is my snack (exotic again)

chicken intestines (isaw)

dugo (which basically means blood)

and my for my dinner I had rich and tilapia (which i had to google whats it called in english) or… (no i didnt see its translation so maybe its called tilapia too in english :p

it looks like this btw

(picture not mine, photo credit to the owner, thanks for letting me use it even though you dont know i used it… just, if you see this and dont want it to be used by anyone else, just tell me ill delete it…)

or this when I’m already done with it…

so… anyway… what did you eat today??? Hope you had a great meal :)))

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