The flash!

Hey! What happened to my day?! I just looked at my window and I was like wow! The lights gone, what did I do with my day…

Oh. I know.. I daydreamed about what I dreamed last night…

So… Its a little blurry right now (bummer! Coz I know its been great, so im gonna try to fill it with what I daydreamed about…)

What happened was, myself and two of my friends were running away from a certain politician… But, before that… We were trying to find my cousin, and went from house to house! (i just realized the setting was in my little cousin’s village) and fight of people! Goshhhhh! I remember that we like left the village from a tunnel with stones and everything and the super strong villains (no recollection whatsoever on how we passed that, actually… No recollection whatsoever with which friends I am with! Hahaha weird!)… We were trying to find something (i think an evidence or something of importance…) then we like hid in a house in front of the limits of the village then someone went there… And gave us stuff like backpack and money… Then we started to travel… Its silly actually, we were like swat hiding in every wall and all but I dont remember seeing anyone, but I remember being really nervous.. Haha!

Then we came across this sort of pool resort and we hid there… There was this big fat lady… She made us hide there for free and everything… Then we slept… And when morning came, someone (one of the bad guys) came for us… Someone was taking a bath and to hide… We went to the bathroom were one of us is bathing! Lol! That’s when I woke up! Haha!


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