Good morning followers! :)

That sounded really narcissistic in my head.. Sorry!
Such a great mood! I don’t feel sick anymore!!

Gosh! Gosh my views exploded these last two posts… I could only be happy about that..

Plus, I dont know who shared it on facebook, but thanks…

This actually, is a really pointless post…

I was just going to say that I was supposed to make this post about books and tv shows/movies that I like but so far… I only did about 3 (i think) of that… So, I’m sorry if this blog is not what you expected it to be…

I’m just going to reinstate what I think I will write about this blog… I will write about life…
My happy rants
My opinion about people
My opinion about everything!

Thanks if you still like my blog… Please continue to read it… This may prove either useful or useless to you.. But its something! Thanks! -Km

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7 thoughts on “Good morning followers! :)

  1. johnedoe says:

    hi beautiful,….i gotta tell you,….your last post made almost no sense at all!!!!!!!!!,…lol!!!!! you got some explaining to do young lady!!!!!!!!!,…………..shared what on facebook?????

    you didn’t say??????,….you see,……?????,…….right?????

    you said,…gosh, my views exploded these last two posts???? what do you mean,….cmon little missy,…tell us more about it!!!!!!!!,…………

    when you get excited about somethin,…then tell us what you are excited about!!!!!!!

    silly girls!!!!!,….what will we do with you???,……..speak up young hero!!!!!!!! i’m waitin!!!!!


  2. johnedoe says:

    oh,…the shared “what???” on facebook thing????,…..which thing???,…..the thing of your’s that i shared on my facebook you mean?????? that thing???? or another thing???
    lol,…i’m havin fun!!!!!


    • kahyehm says:

      I feel really neutral about it actually, that’s why I didn’t elaborate… I plan to elaborate more about things I think is of importance 🙂 not my vanity, I have posted enough of those on my facebook… 🙂


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