There is a backlog of blogs…

There is a backlog of blogs in my gmail inbox…
(yes, I use gmail :> email me

Its all because of my lazy day yesterday 🙂
So, right now, I’m starting to read your beautiful blogs :)) right here (in this jeepney) right now!!

Anyway, my say is just starting… I’m on my way to school to take up an exam in Biochemistry (finals!) .. Brr! Goodluck to me!

Then, after that… I’ll go to St. Jude later in Malacanang Palace to attend mass (a tradition every thursday) with a friend of mine… (she’s new in twitter btw, follow her! @msimeetiangco ! And while you’re at it… Follow me @kahyehm)

So… What’s a jeepney? Its like a bus in the Philippines.. No ac though (mostly!) and you dont sit in twos or threes you sit in two cushioned (mostly) sits in front of each other which accomodates7-10 people depending on the size of the jeepney! Cool! Especially when the person beside you doesn’t smell bad :p uncool, when like as of this very moment… Someone stepped on my foot entering! (yeah, because it quite small… You have to stoop to enter)


Why do I like to go to mass on Thursday night??

Because, St. Jude is a huge part of mine and my friends night…

Here’s why…

My friends and I went there for the first time because its quite famous with students (especially those taking up exams)… St. Juse is the patron of hopeless cases… So, haha! We went there just to try it out… The mass was faster than any the usual ones we attend to… But what got us interested was the novena because its really, actually, I dont know what it is, there’s just something about it that makes you want to come back to mass every week. Then, that’s also the time most of us has problems and so we needed something to hold on to… And st. Jude has given us that…
After that, there was a storm and we got stranded and actually, I didnt went home that day, I had to sleep over at my titas house and my friends had a hard time going home… That also was another reason why we came back… Because we thought its a test of our will… Even now (as ive told you) my friends and I go there and attend mass every thursday… Sometimes alone, and sometimes we get together… Even our new friends we invite to go with us or our boyfriends (which right now I dont have. Haha) … St. Jude has helped us through a lot.. (okay maybe our belief in him.. Not him exactly.. But anyway, we classify it as him) even though sometimes I doubt the church (the church mind you, not God) I always return… No problems, or with problems… I may skip mass for months but I never forget him…

So, that’s it 🙂 long long post… (or is it because im typing while on commute?) anyway! Thanks for reading!


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