Point 1.1.        So, my internet. Surfing subscription is about to finish later today so incase I wont be able to subscribe again im just going to say…

Point 1.2.        Ha! No! I cant not subscribe, im enjoying wordpress too much! (and twitter and viber and youtube and tagged and skype)

Point 2.           Anyway, I just woke up (12:49 pm) Such an early rise… For your timezone…

Point 3.            So, after this because I wasnt able to jog because this smart phone kept me up, im gonna do some two sets of exercise, eat lunch take a bath and go to school!

Point 4.            Hey, have you ever wondered why I havent posted my comments (i say comments not review because, it has become more like a commentary while im reading… More in the sphere of ”and holmes takes a sh ot and Oh! The bad guy missed! Foul!” than… ”the words written is a great example of the time……..sherlock holmes is an epitome of the…..” ) Last point:          thanks for reading my post and all the posts before this and after this… :)) -km





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