Erase what I said ealier

So… I didn’t go to school today… My prof said no classes… So, I just read sherlock holmes all day (or half the day cause I was sleeping off the other half) then I went to my grandparent’s house got tons of BIR books that my aunt told me to sell… And sold it all to the junk shop…

So heavy! I got quite an exercise while going up and down the stairs a couple of times with all those books in hand…

It totalled to just almost P300 though, 95 kilos… Not bad eh?

So anyway, what I did after that was treat my whole fam with mais con yelo (corn with sugar, crushed ice and milk) then cleaned myself up… Wrote this blog (which im pretty sure is not interesting to anyone, just a little diary thing feeling im having right now..) Reading sherlock holmes after this and moving on to studying for an exam tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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