Friends day

So, I met up with two of my closest friends today…
We just ate at mcDonalds and stayed at this diner one of them used to hang out to, and two of us used to hate..

So, anyway, I would just like to say… (especially that I told one of them about this blog) that im so blessed to have a friend like them… Its always a fond memory when we’re together… I love how we can talk about anything… (especially gossiping)

Im also proud because our last friend in the university is finally graduating! I could only be proud and happy about that! Plus, I get to reminisce what I felt when I finished my thesis and knew for sure that I was going to graduate… Which we all know is a mixed emotion of happiness, sadness, relief and pride… I love remembering those times…

We also saw old batchmates and we realized that its so fun to see people like them again… Its like, you remember yourself back then and how everything has changed and if ever there was some bad moments about it, it just doesnt matter now that you see them again…

(my writing is a little bad right now because of so many emotions I dont know how to write about… Hehehe.)

Anyway, overall, today for me is a great day..


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