My Android Apps

okay, so even though no one asked…

im gonna show you my android apps (all of these are free, because Im just cheap that way… LOL)


1. Action Snap

(for when I don’t have money to print my Holga pics, I use this to ease my depression)


2. PDANet

(for when I don’t have broadband or wifi)


3. Adidas miCoach

(to record my exercise)


4. DietPoint

(to check out different diets)


5. DroidEmuLite

(Cause I like my games vintage, just like my cam)


6. Untangle Unlimeted

(cause i like to solve ’em hard)


7. Block Puzzle

(cause i like it mind buggling)


8. ES File Explorer

(cause i to see em all)


9. eBuddy

(cause i like to chat to em)


10. Skype

(cause i like to talk to em)


11. Viber

(cause i like it free<well, relatively>)


12. goodreads

(cause i like them reviews)


13. Plume

(i had a paid one before, but i deleted… haha)

(cause i like my tweets colored)

<here, im stopping the slang, its annoying even to me… haha>


14. Tagged

(I like my admirers)


15. Tumblr

(i like to see me fave blogs here, simple and on the go)


16. WordPress

(well, you know why)


17. AnkiDroid

(cause i like to memorize with style)


18. TuneIn Radio

(cause i like to listen to music worldwide)


19. BeyondPod

(cause i like podcasts!)


(built in apps, maps, facebook, browser, youtube, peggle, email, gmail, google talk, Office Suite, Road Sync, Neo Reader, trackID, Geotags and other usual stuff)


Roadsync (i never used this)

NeoReader (love this one)

trackID (oh God, to know the songs you’ve heard on the radio is heaven)

Geotags (well, dont use this much)

office suite (useful for reading)

youtube (couldnt get any better than this)

the facebook sucks at the moment but i have hopes, what i did is i uninstalled the updates, so for me it works okay but for the newest update. gosh, i cant get any slower than that, (except when you dont have connection, lol!)

peggle, i want to delete but the phone wont let me (well, you cant argue with a smart phone

gmail (how i read all the blogs i follow easily, so hey, i love it! email me?

google talk (i dont use this)


i omitted 2 apps, cause i dont know if even allowed to download that even if its on the market… hahaha! that’s it! thanks for reading! goodnight for me! goodnight/goodmorning/good afternoon/goodevening! to you! :]

have a nice… day, week, month, year, decade, life!!! ❤ -km


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