My first time

So, today was the first time I did grocery shopping alone with 7 grocery bags and a commute home…

I always enjoy grocery shopping its like my escape… But, as I said… 7 grocery bags is not an easy chore…

So, these are the only things I bought (my aunt and I will cook jap for her canteen)
6kgs of chicken
4kgs of rice
3 1/2 kgs of hungarian sausage (not jap, I just like the sausage, some are for me some are for the canteen… haha)
Wasabe powder (told you its jap, don’t let the hungarian sausage blind fool you)
6L of fresh milk
250g of iced tea powder
1/2kg of crab sticks
1kg ground pork

And more… (those are what I remember)
So imagine my being alone + 7 grocery bags twice my weight…

So, pushing the cart was a chore, and after paying I forgot some hungarian sausage so I had to run back to the deli… Then I almost had a little problem with money I thought it wouldnt be enough… But that’s like a 15 sec suspense for me, so I decided to give myself a pat in the back (marshmallows, displayed in the counter)… Then I pushed the cart to the walkalator to the main mall and out.. Then went to the tricyle line (tricycle is like a cab but with motorcycle and a I dont know what’s it called that is attached to the motorcycle where passengers sit) then its traffic so the driver proposed that he’ll help me carry the bags to the canteen…

And that’s it (a little boring narrative, thanks if you reached this part) my first time commute grocery shopping…

PS: if anyone from SM (San Lazaro, in Manila) is reading this your way to the tricycle line is a little bumpy… So please fix that… 🙂


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