Pt. 2 adventures of sherlock holmes review

The time has come :
I just finished re-reading and re-reading again the final problem (i was daydreaming in between pharagraphs thus the re-reading again:

There was speculations that dr. Watson and holmes has intimate releationship, which in this story, I hag no choice but contemplate…
Because who else would you want to spend your last days with but your lover… Okay, it maybe your bestfriend… But there’s nothing wrong with gay love, especially exceptional people gay love… Hehe… I think its nice, the only thing wrong about it was that watson was married… But hey, its a story (sorry for those I offended in this statement)

Anyway, I love the last problem…
If this is a singing contest… After the performance I would just stand, clap my hand off and be speechless…


This is not a singing contest this is sherlock holmes…

First of all I love how sherlock woven the ”spider’s web” around moriarty and their equal mental prowess… I think for rivals to be effective in narratives, it must be so…

How holmes would be the perfect person in anything he wants to accomplish, he plays with ten steps forward in life… To be honest I envy his brain (dont we all do??) I want to be like that especially because I want to be a doctor…. And like him… My primary wish is not to be rich (although that would be awesome) but to be the best in my craft… And that’s what I admire most about him.. He is… The best…

I just want to say that I want something written about the chessplay of moriarty and holmes from the very beginning… I just want to visualize but, as sir doyle is already dead… This has become my loose end of life… (dramatic much?)

Edit march 11 1:48pm

I’m reading augustus milverton at this very moment ! And oh my! The supense!! I’m just saying, now I remember how I read sherlock holmes for the first because this particular story I haven’t read before… So… Now I’m so nervous about the result. Hehe

Edited march 15 11:15
So, started. Reading the second volume… Although I may ask… Where is watson’s wife???? Never mentioned her again…


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