Just finished.

45 min Jog and #fitMarch excercise I saw on tag (link later)

Blog first before I bathe myself because my mom is all… ”you’re gonna die if you take bath now, then all that jogging would go to waste” (in filipino) nope… Not my life is going to waste… My jogging is…. Not the $2500+/year they spend on my education…

Anyway, I realized how I lost myself this past few months to eating excessively and not excercizing (what???).. Can barely jog for 2 mins without stopping and God I cant jumping jack 50x continously, (how low can I go) so with all (not so many people) that read/follow my blog… I’m going to make a covenant…

I promise to stay fit forever! (insert evil laugh preferably barney stinson’s or robin’s imitation of barney’s) yup that’s all…. (oh, and btw barney… I love you, not like he’s a fictional character or anything)

Thanks for reading have a nice life (what?!) and day…


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