Yesterday and feb 19

Marked my turning points in my life, thought the turn it took, I dont know yet…

Actually, every decision I made in college was a turning point if I am to be accepted in my choice of med school…

Last feb 19, I took the PLM-MCAT and boy… Don’t I know where to position myself, I have no idea if I did good or bad… So right now, I’m pretty sure I failed… Though, my hopes that I’m wrong has never been strong as right now…


Yesterday, I had an interview in PLM, well, to be honest I’m happy about my interview… Because I saw that my interviewer checked passsed in every box possible… (hehe) and with that my desire to be right has never been so strong… :p
But, when I talked to one of the interviewers abouut my credentials, he said that your NMAT (It’s the equivalent of US’ MCAT) is low)… Your GWA is … but my NMAT I think is above average… But I’m not sure if I heard right about the ”low” part…

None the less, I’m so worried about that and they told me that the result wont be out 1 or 2 months… So worried… I hope I get in, please hope with me if your reading this… Hehe


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