Book list I plan to make a review of

Here’s what I plan to review for my future readers… (I HOPE I WILL SOON HAVE SOME) 🙂

Harry Potter (of course)
Pretty Little Liars
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Vampire Chronicles
Lord of the Rings
Hunger Games
Heroes of Olympus
Nicholas Sparks
My Sister’s Keeper
Bob Ong
Mitch Albom
The Bible
Sidney Sheldon
Pride and Prejudice
Dante Aligheri
Crime and Punishment
Twilight (though I know most people wont care for this as it has many irritating factors, it wouldnt be a breakout book for nothing)

(these are the series titles/author/book titles)

Just give me time to read/reread them 🙂

I’ll add some more, if I remember more.



2 thoughts on “Book list I plan to make a review of

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