Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

This is my draft for my review of The Sherlock Holmes franchise

I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is great beacause almost all of the short stories start and finish in the same style but you wont get bored with every story which is I think a mark of a great writer, even though I know I need not say that because, well, he’s a legend 🙂

Still reading sherlock holmes (well, what do you expect?so many short stories and novels)
that’s what maes it charming…
this is another cliche of the past of the perfect protagosnists of the old books.
sherlock holmes is exceptionally intelligent… He’s so strong (goodd boxer) he has tons of energy that would put spiderman to shame.) he is tall (6 ft. If I remember, whuch at that time was huge) he, when wrong still figures it out in his own way…
that’s what great about it, if these factors were encorported in a present book with the recycling of plot, will put the readers to sleep. But, this particular. Book (compilation) doesn’t… Maybe because of the knowledge that its a classsic I dont know but I find it very entertaining, much more entertaining actually that an afternoon of soap operas… 🙂

(edited march 6, 4:07 am)
another point of the plot ending, when Sherlock Holmes doesnt succeed in putting the villains in jail they meet a terrible end.. In atleast three times… One of them on the Greek interpreter and I think is that the gloria scott? And about a ship named lone star…

(edited march 6 23:06hr.)
about to read the final proble (which readers of SH knows isnt the final one, although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle intended it to be, his readers didnt welcome that idea and asked for more stories)
anyway, my rereading of holmes took a, I could say more mature disposition on the narrative… I learned to appreciate more on the literature rather that the daydream of him being real (although there’s no harm in that I like doing that everytime I read the book for the first time, or any series for that matter.) I learned that Sir Doyle is really good in narration and unlike some books, or tv shows, or movies he shows all the points on which he baffles the reader during the ”investigation” most books I read from newer authors sometimes miss some parts of their narrative. Which gives room for the readers to think an open ended conclusions or theories which sometimes does not fit with the outcome.. So anyway, will edit again… When the time comes 🙂


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